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Please Help!  We are considering starting some computer classes. Below you will find a link to a short survey. Please take the minute and give us some feedback.

This months article explains several FireFox add-ons. Add-Ons are customization modules added to your FireFox Internet browser.  Click Here.

Free Lunch!  Everyone enjoys a free lunch. You may have heard the phrase "There's no such thing as a Free Lunch." Well, here it is. If you refer a new customer to us and that customer results in a minimum of one hour of computer service, YOU will receive a $10 gift card to spend at a local restaurant. Details

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Feature Article


Computer Classes  
We have had many clients asking about computer classes. Where can they go to get some basic beginner information. Where can they get specialized instruction on a topic.

We have had enough interest that we realized that there is a real need. So, please, click on the link below. There is a short survey, (about one minute). It will give us the information we need to help many more people in the community.

Oh, and yes, there are senor and group discounts.

FireFox Browser Add-Ons

One of the biggest benefits of using Firefox is the limitless customizing that you can achieve with various add-ons that they provide. They will save you both space and time and make your web browsing much easier. There are so many that it is easy to find add-ons that will be useful to the way you surf the web. Here are a selection:

Advanced Dorks (

Advanced dork allows you to quickly navigate Google search queries. All you have to do is right click on highlighted text, select Advanced Dorks and select whichever function is necessary. Thereís a large selection of functions depending on the circumstance.

Autocopy (

Autocopy automatically copies what you have highlighted to the clipboard. Can save lots of time if youíve got lots of little bits to copy and paste.

Smart Bookmarks Bar (

The bookmarks bar on Firefox can easily come overcrowded. Thereís just too much on the Internet to like. Smart Bookmarks Bar hides the names until you hover over the button, meaning you can fit much more onto it.

Autopager (

It gets really annoying having to load the next page of an article, especially if itís mid sentence. What Autopager automatically loads this next page for seamless reading or viewing of multiple pages. It works on most major websites and you can add support for those it doesnít work on.

History Submenus (

History submenu allows you to navigate visited websites much easier without having to open the side menu. It automatically organizes your history into what day you viewed it.

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