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This month we will explore explorers. That is Internet explorers, also known as Internet browsers. I will highlight some of the most popular ones and introduce you to some you may not heard of. An Internet browser is a software program that allows you to look at web sites. There is more to life then Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Click Here.

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Feature Article

Internet Browsers  

Experience the simplistic power of Firefox, one of the original FREE Internet browsers and “TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award” winner. This web browser packs top–notch features and blazing speed into a tidy, intuitive interface that will help you navigate the web the way you want to.

A few outstanding features include tabbed browsing, an integrated search engine and many add–ons of all types. This high-performance browser also has a massive selection of great customization features and tools to help you personalize your Web experience.

New to version 3 of Firefox is one-click bookmarking, even more security than in previous versions, and the smart location bar. This handy tool makes it easy to return to websites you've previously been at, even if you don't remember the exact URL. The smart location bar helps you locate sites based on titles and content.  More

Google Chrome

Google has joined the Internet browser competition full force with a very impressive entry, Chrome. Google Chrome takes a unique approach to browsing the web, combining top notch features with speed, compatibility, and simplicity. For these reasons and more, Chrome has earned our "TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award" for Internet Browsers.

Chrome uses complex features but makes them very simple to use. Chrome is an open source project using the WebKit rendering engine. We like what we’ve seen in Chrome so far, and look forward to seeing more innovation and simple usability from the browser in the future.  More


Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft's current standard is Internet Explorer 8. This browser outperforms its ancestors with tighter security, private browsing and a clean look and is “TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award” Internet browser.

Internet Explorer 8 features extensive parental controls that can be customized to fit each individual in a family. If you have small children and protection is a priority, look no further, this is the browser for your home computer.

Internet Explorer is a good browser with great features. Additional features in version 8 make it even better, and definitely worth your consideration.


Opera 9.6

Opera sings to a different tune, and it sounds great. This browser has all of the entertaining and practical features that will not only make surfing the web functional, but also fun.

Just a few of the outstanding features include interactive voice, quick find, thumbnail previews, mouse gestures and customizing skins. This is one of the only browsers that has interactive voice commands. You can navigate the web by talking to the browser, and Opera will even read text to you.

Configure Opera to fit your needs and your style. Arrange panels, toolbars and buttons and choose from several unique skins and various widgets.

Opera has a dedicated user-base and reasonably so with all of its innovative features. However, we couldn't overlook some fairly serious compatibility issues. We look forward to Opera becoming a bigger household name and getting better compatibility web-wide.  More


Safari 3.1

Safari is not an Apple exclusive anymore; the top-notch browser is now available for PCs as well. Safari provides the Mac look and feel in Internet browsing. It is complete with tabbed browsing that includes a save tabs feature.

Safari focuses on being lightweight and non-obtrusive rather than customizable. Hence the sleek interface isn't bulky and the frame is only one pixel wide.

Some nice features include spell checking for all fields, resizable text boxes, and snapback.

Safari competes with our top browsers, but lacks some features like parental controls, anti-phishing, and a smart toolbar.  More

Check out the remainder of the top ten browsers here


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