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Welcome to the first newsletter produced by Press-F1 Computer Service. We will bring you a monthly information page worth taking a look at. Below you will see this months article "Top Ten Computer Problems". A computer can encounter many problems.  Any of these problems can be fixed with a little effort or a simple phone call.

If you have a particular question or subject in mind, send me a note and I will see if I can share some information. Reader input is the key to a useful newsletter.

This newsletter will be produced and delivered in the first week of each month.  Our intent is to provide you useful information. It is not out intent to annoy you with unwanted emails. If you would rather not receive this newsletter, by all means, find the Opt-Out link below.

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Top Ten
Computer Problems

Computers are complex machines. When you consider how many different hardware devices, drivers, dll's, and subroutines have to all play nicely with each other just to make the system boot up -- not to mention the many thousands of lines of software code that have to be executed if you actually want the machine to do something useful -- it's amazing that computers aren't even more cranky than they are. The list of things that can go wrong seems almost endless.

With all that, the majority of the computer problems seem to fall into the following ten categories:


  1. My computer is running slow. This is usually the result of a combination of factors. Too many programs auto-starting, adware and spyware running in the background, inadequate RAM, file system and/or pagefile fragmentation, registry conflicts, and a buildup of garbage files on the hard drive can all contribute to general slowness. Usually, a clean-up (and maybe a RAM upgrade) is all that's needed to perk up a sleepy machine.
  2. Can't get on the Internet. Many of the same factors listed in number 1 (above) can also affect Internet and network connectivity. Other possibilities include a bad modem or network card, bad cables, corrupted drivers, or viruses.
  3. Computer dials itself onto the Internet all by itself. Adware or spyware is usually the culprit. Other possibilities include programs that are set to update themselves automatically are opening up an Internet connection to do so; malicious programs (viruses, worms, or Trojans) are attempting to do their dastardly deeds; or "dialers" installed by sleazy Web sites are trying to connect.
  4. My browser's home page or default search engine has changed itself. No, something has changed it.  It's been hijacked. This is another type of marketing spyware that is becoming more prevalent in recent months.
  5. My computer locks up, freezes, or goes to the Blue Screen of Death. Spyware, inadequate or defective RAM, registry conflicts, missing or corrupted dll's, file system or pagefile fragmentation, bad device drivers, viruses... the list goes on. But amazingly, about 80 per cent of the time, a clean-up is all that's needed to rectify the problems.
  6. My computer shuts down all by itself. This is usually caused by overheating. The computer's internal power supply has safe guards built into it making it turn itself off before it does any damage.
  7. My computer's clock keeps losing time. There is a small three volt battery on the motherboard which holds the date and time. It's called the Real-Time-Clock or just RTC battery. It's replaceable.
  8. My computer spontaneously reboots itself. This is almost always a memory problem. It could be system memory, video memory or sometimes the memory on the motherboard.
  9. My computer is making noises. Most likely, some moving part is failing. It could be the hard drive or one of the various fans. Sometimes, however, squealing or whining sounds can have purely electronic origins. Whatever the case, it's important to shut down the machine and have it checked immediately.
  10. My computer won't start. This could mean any number of things. No power, please check power outlet, power strip, battery backup unit. A computer not starting could mean it powers up but Windows does not boot up. If nothing works, then it's time to call us. 209-368-5252

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