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Happy New Year!  I sincerely hope you and your family are safe and well. 2008 was a most interesting year. A year with both political and economic unrest. With much of that behind us, we can now push forward into an exciting new year. This month we will highlight some of the new devices and immerging technologies we can look for in the coming year. Click Here.

Free Lunch!  Everyone enjoys a free lunch. You may have heard the phrase "There's no such thing as a Free Lunch." Well, here it is. If you refer a new customer to us and that customer results in a minimum of one hour of computer service, YOU will receive a $10 gift card to spend at a local restaurant. Details

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Feature Article

A Soapy Computer Mouse.  

How do you improve on the 40-year-old design we call the mouse that has, together with the keyboard, become the default tool for computer interaction? Patrick Baudisch of Microsoft Research and the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, has an answer.

The user no longer needs a flat surface to put the mouse on. Instead, they massage the sock with one hand to rotate the mouse which is free to move inside while the material remains stationary. The mouse movement is rather like a bar of wet soap rotating in your hand.

The mouse's laser detects the motion of the sock going by, just as it would a passing mouse pad, and translate what it sees into onscreen action. Baudisch designed the "soap" mouse in 2006, and has since gone onto other computer-human interaction projects including lucidTouch and, as reported last week, nanoTouch.

Jewelry Box Features USB and Fingerprint Authentication Security  
Perhaps Paris Hilton would have avoided the $2 million theft of her jewelry recently if she had one of these BioMirage Coffers. It can only be opened via fingerprint identification or a USB key.

That seems far more convenient than carrying around a key or remembering a passcode, but couldn't you just take the whole thing with you and smash it open later on? I mean, it only weighs 10 pounds. It's more like a high-tech deterrent when you think about it. Plus, the thing is $579óso if you buy it you have already been robbed. More...

The Energizer Solar Battery Charger

Battery chargers are one thing tech lovers canít live without. All of the small gadgets that require AA and AAA batteries make it almost impossible to deal without having rechargeable batteries around. If youíve managed so far without rechargeable batteries, youíve likely ended up spending a decent amount to restock on all the necessary batteries. Well energizer has a new battery charger that will not only keep your batteries charged, but give your USB gadgets a boost, all using solar power.

It can hold AA and AAA batteries just like your average battery charger. Not only does it have solar power that can charge your batteries, but it also has an AC jack for cloudy days. To give your USB gadgets a little more juice, just plug it into the portable charger. Itíd be a great charger for travel or just at home. This isnít out just yet, but itís expected to be priced around $50. Likely more info will be released at the 2009 CES. More...

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