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This month we have information about E-Mail Fraud. There are e-mails around phishing for your bank account or credit card.   Click Here

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Feature Article


E-Mail Fraud!


NACHA (National Automated Clearinghouse Association ) has reported a phishing attempt designed to acquire personal information using the subject line of “Rejected ACH Transactions” or "Unauthorized ACH Transaction".

The phishing emails claim to be from NACHA and appear to warn users about failed ACH transactions. NACHA did not send this email. The email includes a link which redirects the individual to a fake web page which appears like the NACHA Web site and contains a link which is almost certainly executable virus with malware. Do not click on the link. Both the email and the related website are fraudulent.

Be aware that phishing emails which contain links to Web pages that host malicious code and software. Do not follow links in unsolicited emails from unknown parties or from parties with whom you do not normally communicate, or that appear to be known but are suspicious or otherwise unusual.

NACHA, itself does not process nor touch the ACH transactions that flow to and from organizations and financial institutions. NACHA does not send communications to individuals or organizations about Individual ACH transactions which they originate or receive.

If you receive this or any similar email, DO NOT respond or provide any private information.

While detecting a fraudulent email can be difficult there are a few things you can do to help avoid being a victim of email fraud and phishing attacks.

  1. As a general policy, Your bank or credit card company will never send an email that solicits you for personal information.

  1. Never send your personal financial information via email. Email is not a secure medium and should not be trusted to protect your personal information.

  2. Question suspicious and "official-looking" emails. Never enter your credit card information or password in response to an email you receive. Your bank or credit card company will never send an email requesting your personal information or account numbers and passwords.

  3. Be cautious when clicking links inside email messages.

  4. Never open unsolicited email attachments even if they appear to be from someone you trust.

  5. Protect your computer by installing up-to-date security software.


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