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Welcome back!  This month we have two articles for you. First  How to Protect Your Bank Account? Then take a good look at  New Years Resolutions. We will continue to bring you a monthly information page worth taking a look at.  

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Feature Article

How to Protect Your Bank Account?  
Checking account theft is now second only to credit card theft. How do thieves get your checking account information? There are several ways. They steal your outgoing mail, taking checks youíve written, soak off the ink, and rewrite them. They steal your wallet and obtain information and credit cards that way. Fake ATM machines can be set up to record your account number and PIN. You could be hit by an inside job when a bank employee steals your account information.

But increasingly, these thieves are going online. Around 65 percent of adults with Internet access use the Web to bank or pay bills. Among those whose checking accounts had been raided, 70 percent were online finance users.

There are some things you can do to protect yourself from online fraud and scams. Never use a public computer or wireless "hot spot" for financial transactions. Be sure that your internet web browser has the security options set to high. Use a credit card rather than a debit card when making online purchases.

Also, remember to monitor your bank account carefully and often. If you see a debit that you canít remember making, be sure to alert your bank. The sooner you report a problem, the better--after 60 days, the bank may be under no legal obligation to provide a refund.

Keep your virus software up-to-date and run frequent scans of your computer. Blocking pop-ups will prevent some malicious software from being installed on your computer without your knowledge. Also be suspicious of any emails purporting to come from your financial institution, especially if they ask for your account information or password. Contact your bank directly instead of responding to the email.

New Yearís Resolutions That Makes Cents  
 Do you find that your typical New Yearís resolutions quickly fizzle out? This year, make a resolution that is both realistic and good for your wallet. Set a goal of either saving $2009 by the end of year or paying down your debt by that much. This is a goal most people can meet and impacts your financial situation for years to come. To help keep this resolution, keep these tips in mind this year.

Become a Saver
Pay yourself first by asking your employer to directly deposit part of your paycheck into your savings account. Even better, increase your 401(k) deductions to help meet your goal. It is always easier to save money if it doesnít hit your pocket first. To make saving a habit, save for something specific, like a vacation or for holiday shopping. You will be more inclined to sock that money away.

Reduce Your Spending
Little things can add up. Keep track of your expenses for a few weeks in order to see where your money goes. Pack your lunch, skip your morning latte, or organize a carpool. You may have an unused gym membership, unread magazine subscriptions, or a boat you never use. Eliminate the things in your life that cost you money, but bring you no benefit. Once you add up the savings, youíll be surprised how much more quickly you can meet your goals.

Tackle Your Debt
If you havenít done so already, transfer your credit card debt to a lower-interest card. Resolve to not add any more debt this year. Instead, look for ways to pay it down as quickly as possible. Eventually, you should be able to pay off your cards each month. Build up a small emergency fund to use instead of relying on your credit cards for those unexpected expenses. By not adding to your debt and paying it off during the year, you will end 2009 in much better shape than when it began.

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I hope you will use this information. If you have any doubt about an e-mail message, DON'T OPEN IT and absolutely DO NOT respond to it. Have your computer system checked regularly. for virus and spyware We can clean your computer of all infections and show you how to prevent future attacks. Call Today.


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