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Welcome back! Our first newsletter in July was a huge success. We received a great deal of positive feedback. We will continue to bring you a monthly information page worth taking a look at. This months article "Keyboard Shortcuts" is a downloadable and printable PDF file. See below.

If you have a particular question or subject in mind, send me a note and I will find and share some information on the subject. Reader input is the key to a useful newsletter.

This newsletter will be produced and delivered in the first week of each month.  Our intent is to provide you useful information. It is not out intent to annoy you with unwanted emails. If you would rather not receive this newsletter, by all means, find the Opt-Out link below.

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  • On-Site or In-Shop Computer Repair.
  • Wired or wireless networking.
  • Complete custom computer systems.
  • Spyware / Adware / Virus removal.
  • Lost or deleted data recovery.
  • Website design and hosting.

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Helpful Hints

Keyboard Shortcuts.

There are many unknown or little known keyboard shortcuts available to save you time. Nearly every function performed with the mouse pointer can be accomplished with the keyboard. Click on the Download link and save or print the PDF file.


If you have any questions or concerns. 209-368-5252


Blocking Your Cell Phone Number Temporarily:

Sometimes you may want to block you number for a specific call. You might not want someone to know that you are trying to reach them for the 15th time in a row, or you might be calling a business and might not want them to know your number.  

  1. If you want to block your cell phone number on a call by call basis you need to dial *67 before dialing the number. Ex *67 (555) 555-5555.
  2. When you do this you will not have any feedback that it worked. If you want to test this, just call your home phone, or anther phone that has a caller ID from your cell to confirm that your phone number is blocked.
  3. if you would like to block your number permanently, you will need to speak to your telephone service provider.

One important thing to remember is that your number will not be blocked from emergency services or any toll free numbers.



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