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This month we will discuss computer maintenance. A desktop computer tower is a natural dust collector. There needs to be air-flow for cooling and there is a small static charge in the electronics. Read about maintenance procedures. Click Here.

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Feature Article

Computer Maintenance  
Keeping your computer system clean not only means software. Keeping the physical hardware clean is very important as well.

Dust collecting on the screen or inside the case has nothing to do with your housekeeping. It is a natural effect of a computer system. There is electricity running through every part of the system. This causes a static  electronic charge, the electronic charge attracts every little speck of dust.

It is vital for the computer system to keep cool. This means fans spinning, drawing air into and out of the case. A build-up of dust usually occurs on or around the cooling fans, in the power supply, and on the finned heatsink.

Over a period of time, maybe months or years, the cooling fans loose their ability to cool the system due to the dust collected on them.

The computer has a normal operating  temperature. When the fans loose their efficiency, the operating temperature rises. When the computer is running above the normal temperature, it greatly decreases the life of the computer.

It's probably needless to mention, but, smoking around a computer is very very bad. If you are a smoker and smoke around your computer, plan on a untimely failure of your computer. Smoke particles are quite small and get into every part of the electronics.

OK, What to do?

For the screen, never spray any cleaner directly on the monitor. There are special electronic wipes available at most office stories. You can also use a soft cloth and lightly wipe the screen.

For the tower, once or twice a year, unplug your computer, take it outside, take the cover off and blow the dust from inside the case. At most electronics or office stores, you can get cans of sterilized air. Not a good idea to use an air compressor. The cans of air are specially made to clean electronics.

Let's not forget about laptop computers. They have cooling fans too. They usually draw fresh air from vents on the underside of the machine and exit air on the side. Keeping these clean is quite simple, blow sterilized air through the intake vent, and dust will exit through the fan vent on the side. Best to do this outside.

This is an often overlooked maintenance activity. Keeping your computer running cool is critical to the longevity of your computer system. If you would like us to check this for you, please call and schedule an appointment today.


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I hope you will use this information. If you have any doubt about an e-mail message, DON'T OPEN IT and absolutely DO NOT respond to it. Have your computer system checked regularly. for virus and spyware We can clean your computer of all infections and show you how to prevent future attacks. Call Today.



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